Welcome to LFL Global Risk Mitigation

In a rapidly changing world, we understand that effective risk mitigation has never been more critical.

LFL recognises that risk is everywhere and through our experience and expertise, we are able to provide robust and effective risk mitigation strategies, tailored specifically to suit the needs of our clients. Our network of intelligence and expertise allows us to protect your people, assets and reputation. It’s a great way to help our clients to keep their recruitment, training and legal costs to a minimum.

Our core purpose is to keep people safe. We do this through a tried and tested risk mitigation system, which includes country threat assessments, site specific risk assessments, emergency response planning, evacuation strategies and comprehensive training. Our team are all experts in their respective fields and have genuine operational experience.

This approach to risk allows us to understand the unique requirements of each and every client and treat them individually. We are therefore able to react rapidly to mitigate risk and inform our clients of potential situations or events that could impact their operations across the globe.

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