Travel Safety & Security

Travel Safety & Security

We believe that safety is the right of every traveller, from the moment you depart on a trip to the moment you return home. Yet, far too often we hear of travellers getting into trouble, or becoming victims of crime. The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the ability to identify threats to their safety and equip them with the skills necessary to avoid danger in the first place.

The course includes modules on the following;

Course Content Includes:

  • Pre-Trip Preparation
  • Aircraft Safety
  • Crime Avoidance & Personal Security
  • Digital Security
  • Vehicle & Transportation Safety
  • Accommodation Safety
  • Operating in Remote Regions
  • Gender Specific Issues
  • Health and Hygiene Related Issues

This course is designed to remove some of the fears people might have about travel and replace them with confidence. By providing the skills that allow people to understand why travel safety and security is so important, we create confident and well prepared travellers.

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