Crisis Management

Even the most well thought out plans can be challenged by unpredictable events, therefore a robust Crisis Management Plan is critical to deal with the unexpected. At a time when you are most vulnerable it is imperative that you are able to react appropriately to any given situation.

We provide the tools necessary to deal with anything from minor events to major disasters including:

  • Initial response
  • Incident Management Team responsibilities
  • Dealing with the families of those involved
  • Handling the media
  • Cultural and social considerations
  • Communications
  • Dealing with the authorities, embassies and assistance organisations
  • Post incident requirements

The impact of a major incident on any organisation can never be underestimated and how it (the organisation) deals with adversity can often determine how it is viewed by others and even how events are reported in the media. The consequences of a poorly handled incident can be catastrophic, but handled well, even the most dramatic events can produce a satisfactory conclusion.

We have led and trained Crisis Management Teams all over the world for many years and are able to bring our experience and knowledge of this critical skill to your organisation. This gives you the reassurance that you are equipped to deal with even the most challenging of situations.

 The crisis management plan provided by LFL was critical to the safety our team in the Philippines when Typhoon Hagupit hit the islands.

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