Risk Mitigation

We acknowledge that risk is everywhere, but it’s how it’s mitigated that can make the difference between a costly incident and a life saving organisational strategy. Effective risk mitigation is essential to any organisation’s operating policy. At LFL we tailor risk mitigation systems to the specific requirements of our clients. Every system is devised using the most up to date information, equipment and technology available. We are able to draw on our experience and expertise to provide the following services:

  • Threat Assessments (specific to the countries you operate in)
  • Risk Assessments (these are site or project specific)
  • Standard Operating Procedures for specific activities
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Country Risk Reports
  • First Aid and Medical Training Solutions
  • Advice on BS8848 Compliance
  • Emergency response and evacuation plans

Any risk mitigation system is only as good as its implementation and that’s where we come in. LFL has worked with organisations from many different sectors including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Banking
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Media and Journalism

We have worked in over 100 countries, including some of the more hostile and remote ones that you certainly wouldn’t take your family on holiday to and have successfully developed techniques which have allowed people from many different walks of life to benefit from our courses. From Denmark to the DRC we have trained people to not only understand risk mitigation, but more importantly to buy-in to and employ the safety benefits it brings. It’s just one example of how we tailor our experience and knowledge to gain results.

We have used LFL for over 7 years, because they deliver quality, realistic and effective training. Whether it’s Risk Management, Medical Training or Crisis Simulations, we know that we will receive expert tuition and advice.

Kimberley Cassello – Earthwatch Institute

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