Sue was previously the senior officer in charge of both the Kidnap and the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Units for the Metropolitan Police. At the highest level, she has been an active contributor to the UK Government’s crisis response process in cases of the kidnap/abduction of UK citizens overseas.

Sue has been qualified as a hostage negotiator in both the UK and USA for 25 years, in that time she has contributed to the successful resolution of hundreds of kidnap and hostage situations.

Sue is an experienced Senior Investigator for kidnaps and was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal; in the Queens Birthday Honours in 2003. Due to her extensive experience in these areas she is currently called upon to assist and advise many foreign governments, organisations, and individuals experiencing similar crimes in action and critical incidents.

Sue is a visiting lecturer at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Boston, USA, where she works with the international aid sector developing crisis teams and ensuring kidnap response documentation is fit for purpose.

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