Training is an integral part of any risk mitigation system and therefore we apply a great deal of rigour to ensure our courses are of the highest standard and fit your needs. Having the correct level of training not only provides your team with the right skills, it also provides your organisation with the peace of mind that you are fulfilling your duty of care obligations.

Our team of trainers are experts in their chosen fields, whether that’s emergency medicine in remote environments or dealing with the media during a crisis situation. The team is made up of doctors, journalists, former police officers, ex-military personnel, paramedics and those who have previously worked in the intelligence services. We don’t compromise on quality and that means the training you receive is second to none. Above all, our courses are designed to demonstrate how to reduce risk and increase your ability to operate safely.

Our courses use a variety of teaching methods, from lectures through to full simulations, with the participants playing the roles they would likely find themselves in during a real situation. They are challenging, interactive and realistic, but we also have a fair amount of fun too.

Contact us to book any of the following courses:

  • Risk Management Training
  • Travel Safety Training
  • Medical Training (from Basic 1st Aid to Wilderness 1st Responder)
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Kidnap Awareness & Avoidance Training
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Female Travel Safety Training
  • Crisis Media Training
  • Major Incident Simulations
  • Remote Regions Training

Many of our clients choose to combine a number of courses, as it is more efficient and effective to train their teams in one block. We can adapt the training package to suit whatever works best for you.

The training from LFL was one of the very best and most useful I have ever done.

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